Director of Education Wants Loitering be Made a Criminal Offence

Director of Education: Clare Browne

Monday 24th September, 2018-Director of Education, Clare Browne is appealing to parents to do more in ensuring their children remain off the streets at the end of the school day.

His appeal comes as student loitering in parts of the city is on the increase.

Mr. Browne says the ministry is aware of the trend and he is advocating for loitering to be made a criminal offence and parents to be held accountable.

The director of education stated that it is the police who are responsible for breaking up the gathering of students, since truancy officers’ duties are different.

Mr. Browne insists the Ministry will take immediate action on the matter, with the minister of education leading the way. He says if there are laws on the books directly addressing students loitering, then concentration will be paid to enforcing such laws.

He maintains that the worrying issue will not be left unattended.

Director Clare Browne is adamant that students should not be seen on the streets in school uniforms except on their way to and from school.


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